The various non-monetary incentives introduced by the government in March this year to cushion civil servants continue to be rolled out with the latest to come into effect being the duty free policy on imported motor vehicles.

Those who have served for ten years and above are eligible to apply.

In a circular published by the Public Service Commission (PSC), civil servants and those employed under service commissions have now been given the greenlight to start applying to benefit from the free vehicle import scheme.

Applications directed to the head of the ministry are assessed and if one meets the criteria, a recommendation letter is granted which is then forwarded to Treasury.

Acting Permanent Secretary of PSC, Mr Eria Phiri said civil servants who will benefit from the scheme must have served at least 10 continuous years in the public service or service commissions.

“The cars that can be imported should have been manufactured within 10 years and less than US$ 10 000 in value,” he said.

Health sector employees fall under a different category which entitles them to a loan for a vehicle as well as exemption on duty.

However, Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association and the Zimbabwe Nurses Association expressed concern with grey areas that have seen their members encountering difficulties with ZIMRA.

The duty-free scheme is covered by statutory instrument 52 of 2019.