ms lucia matibenga.jpgCivil servants representatives’ bodies have called on Pubic Service Minister, Ms Lucia Matibenga to step down for what they call her failure to handle the issue of government employees’ salaries and working conditions.

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The recent utterances by Public Service Minister that she will not discuss the issue of civil servants’ salaries has attracted the wrath of the government employees’ representatives who say the level of arrogance cannot be tolerated.


While ordinary Zimbabweans are questioning her calibre as a cabinet minister, the civil servants’ representative body put the blame on her party which chose her for the position not based on merit but on factionalism which has torn apart the MDC-T.


Apex Council Chairperson, Mrs. Tendai Chikowore says the civil servants will not go to the negotiating table until the executive deals with Minister Matibenga.

civil servants repre.jpgProgressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe President, Mr. Raymond Majongwe noted that Ms Matibenga got the ministerial position by default as she does not hold any credentials expected for her serve for her position as a trade unionist who advocated for mass stay-aways that crippled the country’s economy.

While civil servants were pinning their hopes on Minister Matibenga to salvage something meaningful out of the negotiations, they have lost confidence on the Minister who is denying them access to information regarding government’s clear position on their salaries and working conditions.

Analysts say the five day strike to be conducted next week by civil servants should be understood as not government’s fault but the clear shortcomings of Minister Matibenga.

Ms Matibenga is reportedly still holding onto to her post at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).