cop 17.jpgAs world leaders struggle to reach an agreement at the COP17 negotiations in Durban, the civic society, faith-based organisations together with ordinary people from countries which are reeling from the effects of climate change have taken to the streets in a bid to tell the negotiators to speed up their talks and come up with a concrete agreement to save the world.

The march which began at around 10am this Saturday morning, disrupted proceedings at the climate change conference in Durban, with delegates being denied entry into some sections of the conference centre due to security reasons.


Zimbabweans are also part of the demonstrators together with youths from the ANC who were also participating in the march while singing the condemned song ‘Dubula Ibhunu’ meaning that the ‘Shoot the white man.”

The demonstrators claim that the world leaders who are discussing the fate of the planet are dragging their feet and taking too long to reach an agreement.

The march is also meant to be a reminder to negotiators that the Kyoto Protocol cannot die on African soil.

The first week of the COP17 conference was characterised by plenary sessions and consultations which have not yielded many results.

The Zimbabwean delegation attending some of the closed door sessions confirmed this Friday that progress was indeed slow as most of the meetings were characterised by bickering from parties.