harare_city logo.jpgThe Harare City Council says the newly formed MDC-T association of councillors is only meant to cause confusion within the local authority as it has no legal basis to scrutinise the activities of the city.

The Elected Councillors Association of Zimbabwe which is an organisation of  MDC-T councillors has shown great misunderstanding of how council business operates with the latest being confusion over the sale of stands to council functionaries through a resolution.

Harare City Council Town Clerk, Dr Tendai Mahachi says the councillors association has no legal basis to be a watchdog of council as the local authority exists as a legal entity.

“The councillors have formed an association but we do not recognise it as only a council, but as a legal entity formed to look at issues of service delivery,” said Dr Mahachi.

Turning to recent reports in a local daily paper that council resolutions are being misused in the allocation of stands, Dr Mahachi said government in 2002 suggested that councillors be allocated stands for their welfare through a resolution which was changed in 2006 to include commissioners.


Dr Mahachi said that there is a misunderstanding of the whole procedure by the councillors.

He said: “The allocation of stands to councillors was effected through a resolution passed in 2002 and amended in 2006. All this noise about abuse of the resolution shows lack of understanding.”

MDC-T councillors in the capital formed an association to scrutinise the operations of the City Council.

However, the association has seen a sustained campaign to attack the responsible Minister, Dr Ignatius Chombo a development which analysts say demonstrates that the calibre of councillors elected in 2008 are ignorant of their mandate.