dr chombo.jpgGovernment says local authorities should formulate strategic plans that are realistic and can be implemented fully to improve service delivery especially in the water and sanitation sector.

The City of Harare is in the process of holding stakeholder consultations on the formulation of a strategic plan that will guide its operations for the next five years.

However, Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo says the City of Harare should immediately put its house in order as various stakeholders expect efficient services.

Dr Chombo noted that there are some areas that require immediate attention such as water and sanitation whilst the issue of city roads should be attended to urgently.


“You can plan and plan but at the end of the day as government we expect you to deliver. Ratepayers are paying for particular services and they should get exactly that. Water and sanitation as well as city roads need to be addressed urgently. We need to see your visibility in the city,” he said.

Various heads of departments presented their plans and the Deputy City Health Director, Dr Prosper Chonzi, said there is no reason for the city to have typhoid outbreaks as the relevant department should immediately put in place measures of ensuring that people have access to a clean and reliable supply of water.

Dr Chonzi said: “Typhoid is a disease of filth and as a capital city we should not have outbreaks of such disease. If everyone is playing his or her part in service delivery then we should have a clean city that is free from these diseases.”

The consultations which are still in progress saw various issues being tackled such as housing provision, as well as the outbreaks of diarrhoeal diseases that have affected the capital for the past three years.

The failure by the City of Harare to provide water and sanitation services have resulted in the number of typhoid cases rising to over 2 800.

Most local authorities in the country have virtually failed to provide efficient services whilst the councillors and officials are busy abusing council resources for personal enrichment.