commuter-omnibuses.jpgThe Harare Inner City Partnership has called on the City of Harare to put in place an effective urban transportation policy which should be strictly adhered to if the traffic chaos caused by commuter omnibus drivers in Harare is to be stopped.


Despite calls for the City of Harare to deal with the major challenge of commuter omnibuses which have literally taken over some streets in capital by continually ignoring road traffic regulations, nothing has been done in this regard as the chaos and confusion reign supreme during morning and evening peak hours.


The Executive Director of the Harare Inner City Partnership Mr. Percy Toriro says there is need for a combined operation between the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Municipal Police to weed out the unruly commuter omnibus drivers in the Harare’s central business district.


“We have reached a point where commuter omnibus drivers have become a law unto themselves causing chaos and confusion especially during the peak periods. An urban transport policy is therefore critical in dealing with this challenge,” said Mr Toriro.


While the capital city has designated pick up points which have since become white elephants, the Urban Transporters Association of Zimbabwe says its membership should respect the council by-laws so that order is restored in the former sunshine city.


Observers note that navigating most streets in the central business district (CBD) has become a nightmare, especially during peak hours with motorists spending considerable time trapped in traffic jams.


Commuter omnibus drivers have been allowed to invade some streets in the capital ignoring the designated pick up points.