city of dreams 2.jpgA local feature film ‘City of Dreams,’ is set to premiere tomorrow at the Rainbow City cinema in the capital, with the producers and cast expressing confidence that the film will be a block buster.

The Feature film produced and directed by Mark Mandishora is set to premiere at the Rainbow City cinemas in the capital ahead of its first public screening this Friday.


Speaking to ZBC News on the rescheduling of the films premiere, Mandishona said the film which was set to have premiered end of last month was delayed due to requirements of the Censorship Board.

“The film is going to premier at the Rainbow City on the 28th before it opens to public on the 29th of this month…the delay was necessitated by the requirements of the Censorship Board…we are actually excited as this affords even those in boarding school a chance to sample it whilst its still fresh”
The film is a story of people trying to realise their dreams by hook or crook in the “City of Dreams”, Harare.

The story shows life’s twists and turns involving, deception, juju, crime, love and perseverance that people use to get what they want.
Known actors in the movie are Evangelista Mwatse, Admire Maramba and Revilino Gwanzura. The film is an MTM Global Entertainment production, in association with Africa Union Entertainment, Mighty Movies and Pastel Motion Pictures. The soundtrack features music by Channel O award winning artist Buffalo Souljah.