Harare residents have engaged the city fathers over the water situation specifically on water cuts and the quality of water they are receiving saying they remain under threat from water-borne diseases if the situation is not addressed.

The state of Harare water has been a topical issue in the past months and many residential areas continue going for days if not weeks without running water while other new suburbs have given up as they are not connected to the water supply system prompting them to end up resorting to alternative sources.

Harare residents said it is time the city fathers address some of these challenges and effectively engage residents on payment of bills.

The residents said this during a Harare water strategic plan consultative meeting.

City of Harare acting director water Engineer Mabhena Moyo said though they are working on addressing some of the challenges they do not have adequate resources and currently they do not have the capacity to meet water demand in Harare which continues to increase.

Early this year, following admission by the city fathers to having been failed to provide safe water to residents, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe availed $6 million for the purchase of water chemicals to improve water quality.