potholes.jpgHarare motorists have castigated the city fathers for failing to fix potholes and ignoring the grass growing by the road sides saying the two situations are posing a major traffic hazard.

Motorists who spoke to ZBC News expressed disappointment over council’s negligence of its duties.


They say it has become an extra cost for them as they have to repair their vehicles often due to potholes damage.

Some of the potholes have been in existence for long periods while some have become almost permanent features.

Some blamed council for having no priorities arguing that they were quick to slash maize while ignoring tall grass which is now obstructing both pedestrians and motorists, thus turning most roads into death traps.

When contacted for comment, Harare City Council Spokesperson Leslie Gwindi professed ignorance and could not give a clear reason why council is failing to address the problems.

The underfire MDC-T led Harare Council which has become notorious for neglecting its duties while quick to meddle in politics, last month slashed a thriving maize crop in Kuwadzana high density suburbs.

Some have said the move was meant to frustrate the Presidential programme of empowering people through food security.