harare city1.jpgLocal government experts say foreign business practices such as subletting and construction of cubicle shops in Harare are threatening to turn the capital into a dirty and chaotic city.


The authorities have attributed the current trends to the transformation that happened in the economy after entrepreneurs capitalized on the vacuum left by big companies which were failing to pay rentals due to economic hardships.


Town planner, Mr. Shingi Mushamba recommended that city fathers should study and research on the impact of the construction that is taking place in the CBD.


He said: “The Harare City Council should be able to properly manage the current scenario carefully in order for it not to get out of hand.”


Local government expert, Mr. Percy Toriro said the central business district should be the face of the country and should portray architectural attributes instead of being defaced by the construction of small cubicle shops.


“There are environmental issues to consider and the issue of human and traffic volumes increasing in the city centre,” he said.


In as much as construction of new buildings is a welcome move and a positive sign in terms of economic growth, what has been happening in Harare’s CBD is a major cause for concern as it could lead to chaos and traffic jams as too many small shops and traders become concentrated in one area such as the case in downtown Chinhoyi Street.