harare logo.jpgThe Harare City Council says it is mulling taking its thermal power station from ZESA and start generating its own electricity, a move which they say is not only cost effective, but will minimise power outtages.

Captains of industry, service providers and ordinary Zimbabweans have for a long time been calling upon ZESA to reduce its tariffs and the Harare City Council is one of the service providers that have not been spared by the exorbitant rates.


It is against this background that the city fathers are contemplating repossessing its thermal power station from ZESA as a measure against escalating electricity costs. 


muchadeyi masunda.jpgHarare Mayor, Mr Muchadeyi Masunda, said the local authority has written to government on the deal which if ascended to, will benefit critical areas like the health institutions which suffer most during blackouts.


He also pointed out that there are partners who are willing to work with the city council in resuscitating projects through private public partnerships.


Given the state of equipment at the thermal power station, the city fathers will have to court potential investors for the equipment to operate at full throttle, a move expected to compliment ZESA which is facing challenges  to do with vandalism and  lack of funding to generate enough  power.