In a rare show of empathy and social corporate responsibility, a local private health institution in Chitungwiza has performed more than 120 free medical surgeries in the past two months, alleviating the backlog of surgical patients on the waiting list in state-run hospitals.

Health care costs in private sector-run health facilities limit the poor’s access to and use of health care facilities, thereby undermining health care access.

For the past two months a local private hospital, Citimed, has been offering free medical services to members of the community and to date more than 120 patients have undergone various surgeries for free.

The hospital authorities believe while they are in business to make profits, their future depends on the sustainable development of the community in which they operate in, said the hospital’s board chairperson Dr Mathew Wazara.

Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa commended the institution for providing the clinical and surgical services to underprivileged members of the community saying the private hospital has managed to dispel the misconception that the private sector is a driver of exclusionary processes rather than a partner in improving the health and welfare of socially disadvantaged populations.

Every business has a responsibility away from its fundamental responsibility to its shareholders which is a duty to the people of the communities in which it serves and the private health institution in Chitungwiza demonstrated just that in a very practical way.