road construction.jpgThe Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe (CIFOZ) says it will engage government over construction projects contracts which continue to be extended to foreign firms at the expense of indigenous players.

COFOZ, which recently held its annual general meeting in Bulawayo, resolved to engage government regarding the continued issuance of construction contracts to foreign entities despite the fact that the country has competent construction firms and highly reputable engineers.

Former CIFOZ president, Daniel Garwe expressed concern at the domination of the market by foreign firms at the expense of the locals, adding that government needs to prioritise indigenous firms in the issuance of construction projects contracts.

The government has in the past been the major source of contracts for players in the construction industry and there are high hopes that the current road rehabilitation projects, power projects and housing projects would benefit indigenous players in the sector.

Some of the resolutions passed by the construction industry representative body include the need to push the government to act on financial institutions, which are charging unattractive interest rates on short term loans as well as the adoption of a Cooperate Social Investment Programme.