juru awards 1.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has been commended for its sterling performance in combating crime after raising the rate of detection for armed robbery cases in the first half of the year by 19 %.


The CID managed to increase the detection rate for armed robbery cases committed in the country from 35 % between January and June last year to 54 % over the same period this year. 

The overall detection rate for crimes rose by 17 %.

Furthermore, there has been an upsurge in armed robberies in recent months, one of which resulted in the death of a senior police officer, the late Chief Superintendant Lawrence Chatikobo, but the perpetrators have all been accounted for as arrests were made.

Speaking at a joint ceremony to honour the CID teams and detectives over the past three months as well as the confirmation of 226 officers who have finished probation, Police Commissioner Oliver Chibage said the police force should remain dedicated to their duties in order to ensure a crime free society.

“The world is dynamic and criminals are also trying to rob the public of their hard-earned properties, we as police officers have to remain vigilant, motivated and have to apply ourselves in a dedicated manner to the call of duty,” said Comm Chibage.  

 90 detectives who excelled in their duties including apprehending dangerous criminals, armed robbers and murderers were awarded various prices sponsored to the tune of  US$5 250 by Twalumba petroleum.

The team and detective of the month competition began in June last year to honour detectives who excel in the line of duty.