Two wards in Churu farm which fall under Herbert Chitepo district have been granted an extension to conduct primary elections this coming Saturday the 19th of May, after residents failed to vote over boundary disagreements.

Mhondoro-Ngezi constituency will also be conducting another primary election re-run on the same day.

The residents failed to vote in the first round of Zanu PF primaries that were held on the 29th to the 30th of April as it was not clear whether they belonged to the Glen View constituency or Harare South constituency.

The residents failed again to vote in the re-run held this Monday the 14th as the boundary issue had not been resolved. 

The party has concluded that the two wards fall under Harare South constituency and they have been given this Saturday to vote.   

However, the residents are saying they feel short-changed as they have always been attending party meetings in Glen View constituency.

The Chairperson of the Herbert Chitepo district Aleck Matsiwe, the chairperson of the Women’s League in the district Abigail Nherudzo and a representative of the Youth League were all in agreement that the decision for the wards to vote under Harare South is being influenced by some people who are putting their personal interests ahead of the party.

Concerns were also raised in Mhondoro-Ngezi constituency where the number of polling stations was few disenfranchising some people who could not walk to and from the areas that had been designated as voting centres.

The Zanu PF Commissariat Department confirmed that a re-run will therefore be held again in Mhondoro–Ngezi constituency while the two wards in Churu farm will also be allowed to extend the primary elections voting to this Saturday the 19th of May.