Gutu rural district council has warned religious sects against open air worshipping without proper ablution facilities.

Speaking to the ZBC News, Gutu RDC board chairperson, Gabriel Mapepa said open air churches shun the use of toilets and safe water, hence they revert to relieving themselves in the bush which is an invite to diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

Gutu RDC is encouraging air worshippers to go and apply for church stands from the local authority.

Mapepa cited that the RDC is willing to allocate the stands to those who have applied for church stands.

He also said that as a board, they have met church leaders and discussed about the way forward.

Mapepa said that the meeting, which they held with these church leaders, was meant to enlighten these open air worshippers about the dangers and risks of lacking ablution.

Gutu RDC believes that these open air worshippers will play a leading role in practicing hygiene.