black-church-people.jpgChurches from different denominations have set aside the year 2012 to pray for peace and stability in the country in view of the impending general elections.

They also said that it is their responsibility to spread a message of peace in the country.

Apostolic Faith Mission Pastor Never Pavari said it is time for church leaders to play a pivotal role in restoring peace in the county by preaching the gospel.

“When we speak about the Spirit of God, He represents peace, love and joy. Therefore this inclusive government has accomplished the mission in Zimbabwe by bringing peace for everyone to unlock his or her potential without ny hindrance,” he said.


Rugare Apostolic Fellowship Bishop Hardwell Matandike said churches should be peace-brokers in the politics of any country.


He said, “As Pastors we are urging people to maintain peace and stability in the country during elections in order to avoid bloodshed.”


During the previous general election, several cases of politically-motivated violence were reported.

The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Comrade Robert Mugabe, has on different occasions called for political tolerance, peace and stability in the country.