Religious leaders believe Zimbabwe is destined for prosperity if the people remain united, peaceful and God fearing.

Church leaders who spoke to ZBC News concurred that many religious organisations underscored the need to support the government in its different initiatives including praying for the nation for peace to prevail ahead of the forthcoming harmonised elections slated for later this year.

Founder of Harvest Ministries Prophet Tawanda Blessing Bonderai said Zimbabwe has been remembered by God as witnessed by the new political dispensation.

Pastor Peter Dzane of Unity Apostolic Church International and Kingdom Prosperity Ministry’s leader Apostle Rodney Chipoera said they are praying for the nation for it to retain its bread basket status.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been on record saying the country is guaranteed of its freedom of worship hence churches are uniting for a common cause, to intercede for the development of Zimbabwe.