churches environment1.jpgThe church has been called upon to start preaching to Christians more about cleanliness in the environment and the need to inculcate values of responsibility when it comes to waste management.  

The general belief among urban dwellers is that city fathers and government are responsible for waste management, a notion which church leaders agree has to be changed through the help of churches.


This view was discussed at an Inter-faith Leaders Central Business District Clean-up Round-table Dialogue Forum in Harare, where concerns were raised that city residents are not interested in assisting local authorities in maintaining a clean environment.


Speaking at the dialogue, President of the Zimbabwe National Revival Initiative, Reverend Alexander Chisango and the Head of the Culture Centre of the Embassy of Iran, Mr. Mohammad Assadi said the country should now move away from the culture of  being donor driven and restore the culture of community participation to clean, preserve and protect the environment.


Reverend Tendai Moyo Mungate and Bishop Patience Itai Hove both agreed that there is need for the church to take a lead in educating Christians on the importance of cleanliness.

Environment and Natural Resources Management Minister, Cde Francis Nhema told the CBD clean up round table dialogue forum that he is concerned that over the years the strategies, documents and ideas that have been formulated have not been implemented.

Participants agreed that it is the role of religious organizations to give awareness to the believers on how to clean, preserve nature and effectively protect the environment considering that the protection of the environment starts with the individual person himself who is expected to be always clean.