The church has been urged to encourage preservation of the country’s cultural values and avoid teaching society to shun culture under the banner of religion.

Legislator for Chirumhanzu Zibagwe constituency, Cde Auxillia Mnangagwa noted social cohesion and balance of a family and society are dependent on respecting one’s cultural values.

“We are what we are because of the various norms, values and beliefs that define us” was the message from Cde Mnangagwa during a cultural day celebration in Nyagari village where she noted culture reminds the present and future generations of the values and preferences that brings the nation together as a people.

She called on the church to compliment these values and norms and void encouraging society to shun or loathe their tradition as this is detrimental to nationhood because it has the potential to breed a lost generation without a moral campus.

Song, dance, poetry as well as traditional foods and artifacts like kitchen utensils, and stone sculptures were on display during the celebrations.

As a show of her culture appreciation, Cde Mnangagwa exhibited her efficiency at pounding maize and winnowing finger millet.

For the older generation the celebrations marked a moment to pause and reflect particularly on their concerns that the youths of today have lost respect for these cultural values even the simplest one such as greeting the elders said Chief Hama.

The youths hailed the event saying it gives them an opportunity to learn, value and appreciate Zimbabwe’s culture.

This year the cultural week celebrations were focusing on consolidating cultural identity, diversity and dialogue which strengthens the spirit of unity and oneness of the people of Zimbabwe.