family of god.jpgAn albino orphan who was staying at a Macheke Family of God Church, is now homeless after a newly appointed Pastor allegedly evicted him and two others only four days after his arrival.

The teenage albino orphan, Simbarashe Mazivanei, who had been staying at a church since the death of his mother in 2006 was allegedly sent packing by a newly appointed Pastor.

In an act which some observers have described as ample evidence that many are called but few are chosen, the newly appointed Pastor, Andrew Kuimba, allegedly evicted three orphans including Simbarashe Mazivanei who is an albino.

Narrating his ordeal, Mazivanei said he was told by the new pastor that he had to learn to fend for himself.

Mazivanei said: ‘I walked from Macheke to Marondera on foot.’

Mazivanei ended up in Harare where he was directed to the Director of
Albino Charity Organisation in Zimbabwe ALCOZ, Loveness Mainato, who accepted him into her home.

Mainato who is struggling with her own two albino children, however says though she is willing to support the unfortunate teenage boy, she does not have space and the resources to offer support and appealed to the Ministry of Local Housing and Development to allocate a home for her organisation.


Contacted for comment, Pastor Andrew Kuimba denied chasing away the teenage orphan and in turn, accused him of being violent.

What is not clear is how in the space of four days he had assessed and concluded that Mazivanei was violent.

While cases of albino segregation in Zimbabwe is not as rampant in Zimbabwe compared to East Africa, what is worrying is the message being sent especially by an institution, such as the church.