manhanga.jpgPrime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s statements that homosexuality should be recognised in Zimbabwe have raised the ire of local church leaders.


After being quoted in an interview with the BBC saying he supports the rights of gays, church leaders in Zimbabwe, a country which is predominantly Christian, say Mr. Tsvangirai’s statements are unacceptable.

Renowned cleric, Bishop Trevor Manhanga of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe says as far as the nation’s values are concerned, the issue of gays is neither human nor a right while also exposing the Prime Minister for the calibre of leader that he is.


“These issues while they maybe personal, give us an indication of a person’s values and morals. When one wants to stand for political office, these things must be taken into consideration,” said Bishop Manhanga.


Reverend Bruce Magavagava, who is the Principal of the Pan African Christian College says the Prime Minister’s statements are unfortunate considering the fact that he is condoning values that define the moral fibre of Zimbabweans.


“Human rights do come from God himself and then to do something that is contrary to God can never be termed a human right,” Reverend Magavagava said.

Another Christian organisation, Tehillar Christian Network has also condemned Mr. Tsvangirai’s statements saying the Prime Minister’s stance contradicts Biblical principles and is also a direct assault on Zimbabwean people’s values.

Mr. Tsvangirai has been roundly condemned for his condoning of homosexuality with observers saying the hand of foreigners in crafting MDC-T policies is becoming more visible.