chombo ignatius 01.09.10.jpgThe Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Dr Ignatius Chombo has intervened in the standoff between the Chitungwiza residents and the town’s city fathers in a bid to return normalcy in the town.


Dr Chombo’s intervention follows numerous reports of mismanagement and graft leveled against the town council.


The standoff has since turned ugly as residents are baying for the blood of the Town Council Clerk who stands accused of giving a directive to demolish flea market stalls that belong to some youths.


In a meeting with the Minister, residents of Chitungwiza complained of poor service delivery and bad decisions made by council.


In his response, Dr Chombo said the government is prepared to empower the youth saying a team from his office is to be dispatched to make some investigations to substantiate the allegations leveled against Chitungwiza Town Council.


“We can not have recreational facilities being turned into houses. It’s unacceptable. I will soon send a team to do a thorough research on the issues you raised with me. It is the duty of the government to see to it that your grievances are addressed as a matter of urgency,” Dr Chombo said.


The Town Council is reportedly planning to splash thousands of dollars on new vehicles at the expense of improving service delivery, a move which has also drawn the anger of residents.