chombo ignatius 01.09.10.jpgThe feud between the Elected Councillors Association of Zimbabwe and government continues to rage with Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Minister, Dr Ignatius Chombo insisting that government will not recognise the association as it has sinister motives. 

The recently formed association, which government says is a foreign sponsored organisation formed to help in the west’s regime change project, says it does not have sinister intentions and is not western sponsored.

Leader of the association, Councillor Warship Dumba claimed that he is funding the organisation from his own pocket.

He also refuted claims that the association is out to fight government, saying it has instead a watchdog role.

However, Minister Chombo reiterated that the organisation is not recognised by government as it is an illegal regime change tool co-ordinated from the western backed Democratic Councillors’ Forum.

Suspended councillors from the City of Harare formed the association to challenge the authority of Minister Chombo, who is empowered by the Urban Councils Act to make final decisions in the running of local authorities.