chombo ignatius 3 25-08-10.jpgGovernment says the allowances paid to chiefs are not meant to gain political mileage but cushion the traditional leaders who play a pivotal role in upholding the country’s traditions and morals.

Dr Chombo said there is need to constantly review allowances that are given to the country’s over 270 chiefs, 474 headmen and over 24 000 village heads, as they play a critical role in governance structures.

While noting that the plight of traditional leaders has never been timeously addressed, Dr Chombo also called for the remuneration of traditional leaders in a manner that facilitates efficient execution of duties in communities across the country.

The Minister also pledged to continue engaging the Ministry of Finance on the provision of vehicles to chiefs under the Vehicle Loan Scheme as is applicable to legislators.

Traditional leaders have always stressed that they are apolitical and they serve Zimbabweans of across political affiliation.