The Ministry of Health and Child Care says the Cholera outbreak has been confined and contained in Chegutu, and has not spread to other parts of the country.

In a statement, the Secretary for Health and Child Care, Dr Gerald Gwinji said cases being reported are on a downward trend, with only four reported today.

He added that a cumulative number of 94 suspected cases were recorded since the outbreak started of which six have been laboratory confirmed.

The number of deaths recorded since the onset of the outbreak on 18 January remains at four.

Of the affected, 49 were males and 45 females.

Dr Gwinji also said in an effort to control the outbreak, his ministry has set up a treatment camp at Chinengundu Clinic, Chegutu to treat all suspected cases.

He added that water treatment chemicals are being distributed with an un-interrupted water supply to the community being maintained.

“Health education and dissemination of cholera information is being done with control of food vending in un-designated places being enforced,” Dr Gwinji said.

He also said the ministry has activated rapid response teams in all provinces and districts.