Private sector companies continue to support the government in its fight against cholera and other waterborne diseases.

Having claimed over 30 lives, mostly in Glenview and Budiriro, the cholera outbreak has touched many hearts and today, NMB had its staff right in the epicentre of the epidemic raising awareness and distributing essential goods to fight the disease.

The bank chipped in with 3000 units of water guard, 3000 buckets and pledged to supply 120 000 litres of clean portable water to residents of Glenview and Budiriro for the next two weeks.

NMB Marketing Manager, Ms Lindiwe Thebethebe said the fight against such an emergency is not the responsibility of the government alone, but of everyone including corporates.

A medical expert, Dr George Mtahwa was also on the ground to educate the public about the disease and the government’s plan to upgrade water provision and waste management infrastructure in Harare and other areas.

Tichagarika shopping centre in Glenview is the epicentre of the cholera epidemic and a borehole at the centre has since been decommissioned after the water from it tested positive for the cholera and typhoid causing bacteria.

The first victim of the epidemic, Petros Mandaza, who would draw water from the condemned borehole and supply shops and people around, remains a painful reminder of the cholera outbreak among his colleagues at the shopping centre.

Thousands of people have presented to clinics and hospital with diarrheal symptoms since the cholera outbreak early this month and health workers have been on the ground to raise awareness on the need to visit the hospital as soon as they suspect the disease.