mombeshora 10.12.10.jpg18 suspected cases of cholera have been detected in Banket with 4 of them testing positive after laboratory tests.


The suspected cases were recorded at 2 Banket farms when people started drawing water from shallow wells after power interruptions.


No death has been confirmed so far.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Douglas Mombeshora said people must continue to observe proper hygienic standards to avert the spread of cholera since the rainy season is normally associated with water borne diseases.

“The outbreak occurred at two farms in Banket. It is understood that there were power interruptions which left boreholes without water and people had to resort to using water from shallow wells,” said Dr Mombeshora.

Dr Mombeshora said the cholera outbreak in Chiadzwa, Manicaland province has now been brought under control, adding that the country has adequate medication and sundries to deal with any cholera outbreaks.

16 people died when a cholera outbreak occurred in Chiadzwa between August and October this year.

Cholera is a serious infectious disease caused by bacteria which affects the intestinal system of the body.

An infected person experiences severe vomiting, diarrhea and severe dehydration.

Without immediate medical treatment, cholera may result in death within 4 to 12 hours after symptoms begin.

Cholera is very contagious and is spread when one consumes   contaminated food or water.

It can also be spread through human to human contact.