ZIFA president Phillip Chiyangwa has cleared the air on the FIFA grant the association received in the period from 2016 to 2017.

The football body said it received a grant of $850 000 under the operational support and part of the projects programme for the year 2016-17, of which $51 000 is still in their account.

“I am a clean man and my executive is also clean,” were sentiments exuded by Chiyangwa during a media briefing on what the local football has received so far in terms of the FIFA grant and where it has been channelled towards.

The ZIFA president said peddling falsehoods that he embezzled a $2 million FIFA fund is false and taints a bad image for his association.

ZIFA is entitled to FIFA funds under three classes, the operational support, projects programme and travel assistance.

Of the three classes ZIFA only received $850 000 under the operational support and part of the projects programme for the year 2016/17 said executive member responsible for finance, Philimon Machana.

The executive said the football mother body failed to secure funding for the projects programme since it was dodged by name change which affected its identity while it is still expecting the travel assistance.

Revelations were made that ZIFA was supposed to receive $550 000 under the operational support meant for the day-to-day running of football activities while $750 000 should have come for football development under the projects programme and $175 000 granted for foreign trips travels.

Of the $850 000 received $51 000 is the balance in their coffers.

Asked to give a breakdown of the expenditure on the $300 000 received under the projects programme the ZIFA finance said that breakdown will only be made public after the assembly has assessed the financial statement.