Women and youths from Chiwundura constituency testify to improved livelihoods on the back of a thriving poultry project that has guaranteed income for these groups.

In developing nations, women and youths occupy the bottom ladder of empowerment moreso for the vulnerable women living in communal areas.

Within this context, a number of projects have been crafted to accommodate those living outside the economic advantage bracket.

Among some of the successful ventures that have improved income for women and youths is poultry farming.

Lived successes in the Midlands Province testify to this success which was made possible through the support of Chiwundura constituency legislator Cde Brown Ndlovu.

“We are trying to empower women and youths in our constituency so that poverty at household level is reduced. This initiative is in line with the President’s call that we should fight poverty and empower the youths who are our future generation,” he said.

Women and youths who benefitted from the initiative expressed gratitude to their legislator for coming up with projects to empower them.

“We have no words to express our gratitude to Cde Brown we are happy because the project is going to reduce poverty in our community. We want to thank the President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa and his legislators for their vision of empowering rural communities. Most of us we are not employed and this project will bring some financial benefit to many of us,” they (beneficiaries) said.  

The poultry project in Chiwundura is set to strengthen food security at the same time increasing and stimulating domestic production and income for women and youths who most of them are unemployed.