A school in Chivi north has celebrated new curriculum initiatives which have seen the institution’s girls soccer team winning national accolades.

Zimbabwe’s new curriculum has come up with an interesting and innovative way of training young minds.

Young minds from Chidyamakono School in Chivi are part of that process which is emphasising that the learner has got to go beyond just being an academic product.

At the school accolades were given to pupils who have excelled academically and in sport.

The school’s girls soccer team has been national champions for the last five years consecutively.

“Giving support to learners must be a priority of not only government but also other stakeholders such as the private sector,” said Mr Tamson Mthombeni, a representative of the patron of the girl’s soccer team.

The emphasis on a curriculum that is not only interested in producing academics but a learner, who is relevant to the country’s social and economic needs is the major thrust at the moment.