Government officials in Masvingo have been impressed by the fast pace of the Chivi-Mhandamabwe road rehabilitation progress.

The Chivi-Mhandamabwe road covers 47km and so far the contractor has rehabilitated 10km after commencing work on 15 June this year.

The road is a key regional route and putting it in good shape will unlock significant revenue for the provincial economy, said Masvingo Minister of State Cde Ezra Chadzamira.

“Such companies should be awarded more tenders for road rehabilitation because they are working really hard and doing an excellent work,” he said.

Chivi Rural District Council chairman, Mr Godfrey Mukungunugwa said construction and rehabilitation of the Chivi-Mhandamabwe road has opened up employment opportunities to the people of Chivi community.

The contractor, Mr Kingston Kabanda highlighted that they are aiming to complete the project in less than three months.

The government is prioritising infrastructure development, including sprucing up the country’s road network for the attainment of an upper middle-income economy by 2030.