water collection 03-10-11.jpgPerennial water shortages continue to hit Chitungwiza town amid fears from residents that if the situation is not addressed, there could soon be a serious outbreak of diseases.

The water situation in the satellite town of Chitungwiza remains critical as the town is receiving water from Harare every four days, whilst in some areas ratepayers go for two weeks without the precious liquid.

Residents who spoke to ZBC News said the water challenges which have been dragging on for a long time are a cause for concern and they had hoped that by now a sustainable plan could have been adopted to avert the outbreak of diseases.


“The team has to ensure that they put in place a strategy to ensure that we have water at least every day and then they ration. Nowadays it comes only in the middle of the night and this is exposing us to various diseases,” said one resident.

The residents say the town’s authorities should put their act together and address the water challenges in the town before the re-surfacing of the cholera pandemic like what happened in 2008.

“We are afraid of the cholera outbreak which affected us; they have to put their house in order with Harare,” another resident noted.

The Municipality of Chitungwiza has recently secured 1, 9 million Euros (US$2, 9 million) to upgrade the town’s water pipeline that stretches from Harare, in a move aimed at addressing the current water woes gripping the dormitory town.

The money was sourced from the African Development Bank (ADB) through the African Water Facility.

Efforts to get a comment on the developments regarding the construction of the pipeline were fruitless as the chairman of the resuscitation team, Mr Fungai Mbetsa, said he could not comment as he is engaged in meetings the whole day.

What makes the situation gloomy for Chitungwiza residents is that their town relies on Harare which has its own water problems.

The satellite town owes the City of Harare over US$8 million.