chitungwiza town council.jpgA storm is brewing between the Chitungwiza Town Clerk and some youths following the city council’s demolition of stalls at an illegal flee market located at an open space in Seke area C and K junction.


The row between the youths and council erupted after the Chitungwiza Town Clerk is said to have ordered the demolishing of the market stalls.


The demolition of the structures that was carried out last week did not go down well with youths who stand accused of taking the law into their hands by staging a series of demonstrations at the town council’s head office and physically assaulting the Town Clerk.


A case of assault has since been reported at St Mary’s Police Station and a docket opened on the case has been transferred to Harare Central Police Station’s Law and Order Section.


Some youths whose structures were demolished urged the council authorities to come up with a workable solution as they say they have lost their source of livelihood.


“This is sabotage; I was earning a living through this flea market. Now that it’s destroyed what do they expect me to do for a living?” queried one of the affected youths.


“I just wish for a speedy resolution on this matter. My life was hanging by the destroyed stand and now I have been reduced to a destitute. This land shall benefit us the residence of this area,” added another affected youth.


Efforts to get a comment from the Town Clerk were fruitless as he was said to be engaged in a series of meetings.


However, ZBC News is reliably informed that the flee market site was illegal and lacked health facilities like toilets prompting the town fathers to act.