chitungwiza town council.jpgChitungwiza Municipality is under fire from residents who are accusing it of swindling them of their money through charging exorbitant water bills despite receiving erratic water supplies.

Chitungwiza residents are up in arms with the town council for lack of transparency in water billing.

ZBC News caught up with some residents at Makoni council offices who said they are being ill-treated by council employees when they try to ask for explanations.

This reporter had an unpleasant exchange of words with a council employee.

In an interview with ZBC News, Chitungwiza Town Clerk, Mr. Godfrey Tanyanyiwa said the exorbitant water bills the residents are receiving are backdated to January this year.

However, a revenue Supervisor at Makoni Offices, Mr. Munyaradzi Mabika said the bills are backdated to 2009. 

While residents in the town struggle to pay the bills, it is unlikely that their plight will be addressed soon as the town council appears to have developed a thick skin in as far as residents complaints are concerned.

Last year some councillors were suspended over corrupt activities.

Only last week, some councillors were accused of converting land in Zengeza 3 which had been earmarked for the construction of a police post to residential stands.