The onset of old age spells a comparative shrink to the social circle for elderly persons with eyesight and memory loss being some of the challenges faced.

This is not so however for 84 year Gogo Manjengwa, whose capacity to recite Bible verses surpasses the young.

Older people have a hard time learning new things, let alone remembering what they have read word for word or memorising it.

With weaning strength, mobility is limited and often they visit fewer places and perform fewer tasks, which lead to depression.

Difficult as it is to turn back the biological clock, 84 year old Gogo Manjengwa memorises Bible verses and chapters, making the Bible her best friend and the church her favourite place.

Residing at Bumhudzo Old People’s Home in Chitungwiza, Gogo Manjengwa said she got the inspiration from the Anglican Church which she used to visit when she was young.

She lost her husband and a child some years back but has remained an encouragement to many young generations, who despite possessing youthful minds, cannot remember a single verse.

For her, these activities have kept her occupied, thus preventing idle thoughts from entering her mind.