Cherish Chingwena before she fell ill in 2008

While many people wish for a windfall of economic success in the New Year, some cannot even afford to ask God for anything more than just good health.

One such person is Cherish Chingwena of Zengeza 1 in Chitungwiza who is suffering from an unknown condition and her health has been deteriorating over the years.

Doctors cannot diagnose her condition without the assistance of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan.    

Cherish, who has lost both her parents, used to be a healthy teenager until she fell ill in 2008, the year that she was supposed to complete her Ordinary Levels.

“She collapsed and was cut by glasses over 9 years ago, and that is when her life changed. Yes she was treated for the wounds, but that was the beginning of this mysterious condition,” said Mrs Ruth Masenyama, her aunt.

Cherish’s body is becoming deformed, with her hands, which used to be normal, now unable to hold or grasp anything.

While many girls her age are out and about, Cherish cannot do anything on her own and relies on her aunt who assists her in doing virtually everything including eating, walking and bathing.

The girl’s dream is to have a chance to turn over a new leaf in her life but Mrs Masenyama cannot afford the money required for her to undergo an MRI scan which will diagnose what she is suffering from.

The scan costs an average of $500 and Cherish can only know what is eating her once healthy body after undergoing such a test.

As her name suggests, Cherish will no doubt treasure the smallest gesture from well wishers who would this year resolve to extend a helping hand not only to her but to many others in the same predicament.

Well wishers are free to contact Cherish’s brother, Vimbikai Chingwena on 0772384713.