chitwn.jpgThe Chitungwiza Resuscitation Team is engaging the City of Harare with a view to increase the number of days the satellite town gets water from the capital city until such a time the municipality is allowed to manage its own water supplies.

The resuscitation team’s chairman, Mr. Fungai Mbetsa said negotiations are currently under way, adding that a technical team has been put in place to cater for the transition period.

Mr. Mbetsa said the satellite town has a capacity to run its own water supplies if it is weaned from the City of Harare, citing the Prince Edward Water Works which he said is closer to Chitungwiza than the capital.

“As a team, we have started engaging the City of Harare so that we can have water for more than four days. We have been receiving water for only four days and this has been a great inconvenience and we feared disease outbreaks.

“We are also working out a payment plan to offset the debt of over US$8 million that we owe the capital city. After the negotiations, we will have to be separated from the city because from our own assessment, we can be able to run our own water affairs,” said Mr Mbetsa.

Chitungwiza Town Council recently got 1,9 million euros (US$2,9 million) to upgrade the town’s water pipeline that stretches from Harare, in a move aimed at addressing water problems.

The money was sourced from the African Development Bank (ADB) through the African Water Facility.

Chitungwiza town requires at least 43 megalitres of water daily to cater for residents.

However, only 30 megalitres are being supplied due to challenges such as power outages.

The council also has plans to establish a water treatment plant at Nyatsime as a long-term solution to ensure constant supplies of water to residents.

Meanwhile, the resuscitation team has reversed all illegal salary increments made by council last year in line with government’s directive to ensure that service delivery takes up 70% of the budget, whilst 30% is set aside for salaries.

Chitungwiza Municipality has made headlines for corruption and abuse of office. The Town Clerk, Mr Godfrey Tanyanyiwa is in remand prison after being arrested on charges of corruption and fraud.