A traditional musical instrument known as ‘Chimatende’ that was popular in some parts of the country which has since been forgotten by many resurfaces as part of initiatives to promote indigenous instruments designs.

A visit to the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) in Harare saw the veteran political analyst and ZMC chief executive officer Dr Tafatawona Mahoso playing the almost forgotten and fascinating traditional instrument, ‘chimatende’ or ‘chitende’ that is part of indigenous technology and design that was popular during the yesteryears.

Dr Mahoso says the bow and arrow equivalent instrument represented the transformation by young men of a weapon of war and a hunting weapon into music instrument that was popular in Chipinge, Chimanimani, Buhera and some parts of Masvingo among other areas.

Dr Mahoso says the traditional music instrument that embodies ancient African dream of peace, tranquillity and love is one of the numerous fundamental sources and resources in the production of digital platforms and remain important for the music industry and the country.

For Dr Mahoso, ‘chimatende’ is a physical peace poem or peace sculpture producing music and there was no better way to recuperate and celebrate life after a tough war or tough hunt than to play the music instrument.