Veteran dub poet Chirikure Chirikure and vocalist mbira player Okay Machisa thrilled scores of people who attended the inaugural show launch of their 11 track album titled ‘Musoro’.

With mbira fusion tracks lauded with social commentary on issues affecting society particularly in the areas of culture and morality, Machena music is a fusion of African traditional rhythms blended from modern and mbira instruments to churn out what can best be described as Afro-contemporary music.

The title track Musoro genesis according to mbira player and lead vocalist Machisa is from his bid to influence behaviour change and to reiterate the role of aunt or uncle in a society.

‘Mhanda’,’Mwana Wokurera’ , ‘Masango’, ‘Hondo’, ‘Nyuchi’, ‘Zvawora’, ‘Shohwari’, ‘Rwizi’, and ‘Chipo’ are some of the tracks that make up the album.

The fusion of the traditional music instruments by a number of renowned artists and dub poet Chirikure keeps fans on the feet.

Certainly Musoro is an album well worth listening to judging by the reaction of fans who recently attended the inaugural show as they had an opportunity to witness first hand Machena belting out track after track with much pomp and fanfare.