A rare skin disease has altered the path of life for one Chiredzi man who now lives in constant pain and is appealing for financial aid to help him get specialist medical attention.

For Amos Chibharo, life has become a burden riddled with pain, desperation and rejection due to a rare skin disease.

The ZBC News crew caught up with Chibharo on the outskirts of Chiredzi CBD, and witnessed a man evidently in pain, with grafts of his skin having fallen off his body and littered around him.

“My skin dries up before peeling off started. It started when I was in Grade 7 in Zaka, forcing me to drop out of school. Being an orphan, I moved to Chiredzi town hoping to find a job so that I would raise funds for medical attention,” said Chibharo, adding that when not in pain, he will be mending shoes for a living.

The condition has taken him to many doctors and his last option is to see a dermatologist whom he hopes can give him a shot at life.

With tears welling from his eyes and one hand constantly wading off flies, Chibharo opened up about how people cannot stand sharing utensils with him, let alone welcome him in their homes

His cry is for well wishers to assist him with bus fare to travel to Harare and medical fees to enable him to see a dermatologist.

Those wishing to assist can contact him on 0771 875 799 or Itayi Dhliwayo on 0716 800 143.