Chiredzi residents have called upon the town council to improve its water supply as they are not accessing the precious liquid frequently and many are now resorting to unsafe sources.

Chiredzi is one of the towns in the country with perennial water shortages due to a number of factors and the residents have called upon the town council to address the situation as many are accessing water for less than three hours per day.

Speaking to the ZBC News, Chiredzi Residents and Ratepayers Association chairperson Mr Jonathan Shonhiwa said though some residents are not paying their water bills in time it is important for the town council to ensure constant water supply to avoid health hazards.

“As residents we are saying there is need for constant water supply to the residents as many are now resorting to unsafe sources due to these shortages, however, residents must own up their responsibility of paying up their bills in time,” he said.

Chiredzi Town Secretary Mr Charles Muchatukwa said improving access to water for the residents is top on their priorities list this year and they have since engaged the infrastructure development bank on a $9 million project that will see them improve their capacity by 50 percent.

“We are targeting to upgrade our waterworks by 50 percent that we meet our target of 15 mega litres that’s why we have engaged IDBZ for financial assistance. We are also working on establishing separate waterlines for some suburbs that are not connected to the main source,” he said.

Currently the town council has the capacity to supply 10 mega litres per day against the demand of more than 15 mega litres.