Chiredzi Town Council has begun rehabilitating its roads after receiving more than $600 000 from the government through the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA).

As part of efforts to attract investors and ensure Chiredzi town achieves a municipal status by 2022, the local authority has started rehabilitating some of its tertiary roads.

Chiredzi Town Secretary, Mr Charles Muchatukwa said after receiving their allocation for 2018, work has already started with the major project being the rehabilitation of a 2.1km stretch of West Road.

“For this year, we received our allocation from ZINARA amounting to $673 000. We decided to hit the ground running after Tensor Systems won the tender to rehabilitate our roads. As you can see, work is being done and we are looking forward to see them finish our major project of this West Road by mid-January next year,” he said.

Chiredzi Town Council Chairperson, Mr Gibson Hwende said they have also put in place monitoring mechanisms to ensure projects are completed within set timeframes.

“We hope that this project will be complete soon and we are looking forward to embark on other projects to ensure a good road network in Chiredzi town especially around suburbs and this will not only bring us investors but also ensure expansion of the town,” he said.

For the residents, the news come as a huge relief particularly for West Road, which the council has been promising to work on it for the past 15 years.

Of the $673 000 allocated to the town council, $590 000 will be dedicated to periodic maintenance and the remaining sum of nearly $83 000 will be channelled towards routine maintenance.