Mobilisation of resources to construct Tanganda dam in Chipinge has begun, amid expectations that its completion will see it supply water to Chipinge West, Musikavanhu and Chipinge South constituencies.

With the three constituencies being the driest parts of Chipinge district, availability of water to conduct irrigation projects is key in boosting economic activities in the three constituencies.

Chipinge West legislator, Cde Adam Chimwamurombe said a feasibility study on Tanganda dam construction, which is also expected to generate up to 50 megawatts of electricity, has been conducted while moves to engage possible financiers are underway.

Cde Chimwamurombe said the government should support the construction of the $300 million dam since it will play an important role in improving food security as well as boosting power generation in the country.

The dam will also add relief to Chipinge town, whose main water source, Bangazani dam has been failing to adequately cater for the town’s growing population.