Chipinge Town Council is in the process of upgrading its water supply system to meet the town’s demand.

The town so far has a supply deficit of three mega litres daily.

Chipinge town secretary Susan Dube said one sedimentation tank that processed only five mega litres a day against a daily demand of eight mega litres contributed to the water shortages in the town.

She said council has built another five mega litre sedimentation tank to increase water supply to ten mega litres per day but highlighted that the town will still experience water challenges when there are power failures as there are small water reservoirs that have resulted in water being pumped directly to the user point.

She said council will include the construction of a five mega litre reservoir in the next year’s budget to end water challenges as the absence of a reservoir will have an automatic impact on availability of water in the town when there is no electricity.

Dube said the prepaid water system that seeks to promote the pay user concept is progressing well with 2 000 properties expected to have prepaid metres by end of this year.

The initial programme targets 8 000 properties in the town.

The 2012 census report revealed that there are 25 000 people in Chipinge town and the figures are now projected at 28 000.

The development calls for a robust water supply system to cater for the growing demand.