A 15-year-old boy was killed by a crocodile in Musirwizi river this Monday in Chipinge in a latest case of human wildlife conflict.

 The boy was with her mother watering the garden when the incident occurred.

What began as a mother-son moment for Mrs Ndaizivei Mavhavha Sithole and her 15-year-old son Eddison Gwenzi Mushakeni who were out watering their small garden by the Musirwizi river later turned into a nightmare as she desperately and helplessly watched her son suffer in the cruel jaws of a crocodile.

Armed rangers from the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and police officers who visited the site saw the visible marks of human attempts to save the boy sadly to no avail.

The news crew then crossed to the other side of the river where the family of the deceased and other villagers were gathered paying their last respect to the victim.

Villagers said they spent the whole night searching for the body and narrated the viciousness of the crocodile.

The rangers are currently camped in the area searching for the deadly reptile and have since warned villagers to avoid stagnant waters to reduce similar accidents.