Chipinge district has recorded an alarming 15 000 cases of Malaria so far this year with at least 20 people having died from the disease.

Chipinge District Hospital Medical Officer, Dr Brain Makumbe said 2017 has been a bad year in terms of malaria control with Chipinge district recording an abnormal increase in malaria cases.

Dr Makumbe added that some of the main risk factors that have resulted in the increase of cases include increased mobility of people following the Renamo disturbances in Mozambique,  weather conditions and reluctance by the community to take precautionary measures, among other factors.

He said control of malaria remains everyone’s responsibility and urged the community to utilise mosquito nets provided by health institutions as well as allowing the spraying of their houses to control malaria.

Zimbabwe is among countries in the region that are battling to reduce malaria cases.