Chipinge is posed for a bumper harvest following the timely start of forthcoming summer cropping season in upper Chipinge with some farmers already concluding the preparation phase.

A successful summer cropping season is beckoning following the timely distribution of inputs by government.

A visit to Hilderstroom and Stealmer farms in the upper Chipinge revealed that farmers are at different stages of preparations with more than 150 hectares at Hilderstroom farm and 140 at Stealmer farm already ploughed while lime is now being applied, thanks to the intervention by government for disbursing inputs early this year.

The farmers said this will have a positive impact on the forthcoming cropping season stating that the challenges associated with late planting will be a thing of the past.

They [farmers] said the current administration under President Emmerson Mnangagwa should be credited for its agriculture support programmes that are effective.

Meanwhile, preparations for summer cropping season by most farmers in the Middle Sabi will start in October as the fields are with other crops.