Farmers in Chipinge are appealing to government to intervene in solving transport challenges they are facing as the majority are failing to ferry their command agriculture produce to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB).

While Cyclone Idai left many fields destroyed, some lucky farmers in Chipinge managed to reap fairly despite the drawback but are now faced with transport problems.

The most affected are those in remote eastern Chipinge near the Mozambique border.

As a result, some farmers are falling prey to local manipulative transport dealers who are now depriving them of their profits through charging exorbitant transport fares which the majority cannot afford.

The farmers could not hide their disappointment and lamented that the command agriculture programme in their area is under huge threat if no urgent action is taken to address the transport issue.

Chipinge East Agritex Supervisor, Mr Benson Musinake concurred with the farmers, saying these high transport costs may negatively impact on the delivery of command maize to the GMB.

Meanwhile, all roads in Chipinge are now accessible although more work needs to be done to restore them to their original state before the March cyclone or even better.