A young entrepreneur based in Chipinge is showing great promise in the electronic field and says he can expand his amplifier production business if he gets the necessary support.

Donald Mlambo Maziwati’s interest on electronics was discovered at the age of 10 when he started developing movable gadgets inspired by his father who repairs television sets.

Now 24, Donald has shifted focus to develop electronic circuit boards using wood and television parts that were considered beyond repair by his father and is happy to have developed amplifiers that are strong and have astonishing sound output.

The young man expressed optimism of his future after coming across Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe CEO, Engineer Obert Muganyura who supplied him with materials to develop 10 amplifiers.

Donald’s mother, Joanitta Mlambo Maziwati revealed the acceptance did not come easy as Donald’s father used to beat him for concentrating of electronics at a tender age before discovering his talents.

The father, Mr Christopher Mlambo Maziwati is now humbled by his son’s creativity and is calling for assistance to enable the young man who has five Ordinary Level subjects to realise his vision.

History recalls young men and women with brilliant ideas among them Chamu Madakadze from Zaka who developed his own cooking robot, among other products but his talent was never fully capitalised due to lack of support.